About Us

Mission Statement
The Boys & Girls Club of Troy provides a safe, positive place for young people to grow, learn, play, interact and develop into self-reliant, responsible, contributing members of the community.

Youth Development Strategy
The efforts of youth professionals, parents and guardians, volunteers, concerned citizens, schools, and local agencies come together to provide opportunities for our children to live full, satisfying and productive lives. It is important that all programs and activities promote these efforts to their full potential. The Youth Development Strategy is designed to build self-esteem and allow our children to grow into responsible and caring adults by using four basic principles. These four principles are described as senses:

A sense of competence: Young people gain confidence in their skills.

A sense of usefulness: Young people know the satisfaction of doing something of value for others.

A sense of power and influence: Young people know their opinions are heard and valued.

A sense of belonging: Young people know they are welcome and accepted.

Open Door Policy
The Boys & Girls Club of Troy is not a licensed day care provider. We strongly encourage members to stay inside the building where there is supervision. However, we emphasize that it is the parent's responsibility to instruct their children as to whether or not they are allowed to leave the club's supervised areas, and it is the member's responsibility to adhere to these guidelines.
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