Fitness Classes Summer 2015

Two Fitness Classes Added for 2015 Summer Program

May 15, 2015

Two new beginner-level fitness classes have been added to the available amenities associated with the Boys & Girls Club of Troy 2015 Summer Program. The Club is offering a kickboxing class on Tuesdays and a yoga class on Thursdays. Each eight-week class is available for $30 per child (aged 8+).

In the kickboxing class, youth will learn proper form & boxing/kickboxing technique while having fun. The class is designed to show basic boxing drills & easy to follow combinations utilizing controlled punches & kicks. A great benefit of the class is that it will improve balance while building strength & gross motor skills. The instructor will also lead the class through various calisthenics (push-ups, squats, sit-ups etc.) to get the heart rate up & burn the maximum amount of calories in a short period of time. Participants should wear clothing they can easily move in, wear proper shoes & bring a water bottle to class.

In the yoga class, youth will learn gentle stretching poses for relaxation, stress reduction and increased flexibility. The class is designed to show basic yoga poses that are easy for youth to follow. A focus on balance, mindfulness & concentration will be taught as well. Participants should wear clothing they can easily move in & either be barefoot or in socks during this class format.

Those who have yet to register for the 2015 Summer Program can choose one or both of these fitness classes when signing up. Members who have already registered for the Summer Program can stop by the Club or call 248-689-1687 to add these classes.
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