Triple Play

Triple Play demonstrates how eating smart, keeping fit and forming positive relationships add up to a healthy lifestyle. It is an appropriately titled program because it incorporates three critical components: Mind, Body, and Soul.
Healthy Habits, the "Mind” component of Triple Play, promotes health and well-being in young people. It incorporates healthy living and active learning into every part of the Club experience, increasing members’ understanding of nutrition, the value of physical fitness, and the relationship between behavior (choices) and health.
The "Body” component involves sports and fitness activities including leagues and tournaments, as well as fitness challenges. Among the measurable effects are the amount of time youth participate, knowledge gained regarding the impact of physical fitness in one’s life, and changes in behavior.
Providing an opportunity to strengthen and build a comprehensive social recreation program, the "Soul” component utilizes the Games Room to teach positive social skills. Emphasized within this component are drop-in activities, games of both high and low organization, and on-the-spot fun. Social recreation activities strengthen character, increase confidence and enhance the ability to relate well to others.
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